Youth Ministry

14 - 17 years

At KPICPC, our vision is to harness the talent of every young person in the church and have them transformed through the word of God. We train and nurture our youth in a godly way and to make them useful instrument in the hands of the almighty God.


To enrich their hearts with the undying word of God.
To help them grow spiritually.
To help every of our teenagers imbibe the culture of depending on the word of God.
To help them discover and achieve their talents.
To develop them into becoming an excellent ministers of God.
To model and see them become praying eagle.
To model every young in our church to become leadership expert.
This is the official website of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center(KPICPC), Lagos, where Jehovah in our midst is strong and mighty and He takes all the glory.