Weekly Activities

Day Activity Name & Description Schedule
Sunday Workers Prayer Meeting before service
Sunday Resurrection Worship Service ( Praise and worship service)
Resurrection Experience (Experience the real resurrection Power with Jesus Christ)
Morning message
8a.m - 9a.m
9a.m - 10a.m
10a.m - 12noon
Tuesday The Solution Hour Prayer Meeting. A programme design to bring complete freedom to Christians, where we use prayer to destroy foundational problems, break longstanding yoke, curses and restores victories to thousands of families in Africa and around the world. Phone Access No: (+234 8026543716, +2347038181926, +234 90582388151)
The schedule for Tuesday prayer and counseling differs. Book below on our deliverance page. All new comers are welcome
Thursday Bible Study Mount Siani experience ( Hearing directly from God through scripture). 6p.m - 8p.m
Saturday Our Saturday deliverance package tagged: prayer yourself out of the strongholds of darkness preventing you from moving achieving success.
The weekend deliverance opens door to all denominational and non denominational Christians to come, learn and understand the power behind personal deliverance and prayers.
The schedule for this program differs. Book below on our deliverance page

Monthly Activities

Activity name Notes Schedule
Workers vigil Worker Vigil (Workers night vigil, a program arranged the general overseer to prepare and mentor every KPICPC worker to become a praying eagle) (every day second Wednesday of every month and last Wednesday of each month) First and last Wednesday of every month, 10p.m
For workers only
Tornado night
(General Vigil)
Tonardo Night, a night of explosion of the power of God. Tonardo night has always been moment were thousands of Christians receive divine touch of God breaking chains and setting captive free. you are all invited to come and experience Gods power in action.
more details
First Friday of every month 10p.m
All are invited

For additional information about the above programs, please contact us today for inquiry

Annual Activities

Activity name Notes Schedule
21 Days Prayer & Fasting Our 21 days prayer and fasting program is designed to destroy strongholds powers stopping the people of God from moving forward. This program takes place two times a year March 1st - 21
October 1st - 21st
Peace Sunday Peace Sunday (Holy Ghost Sunday) is a day to celebrate our victory. Last Sunday of March
Jabez Week Moment of breaking all mother curses preventing Men and Women from achieving success
more details
First week of April
Jehovah our Ebenezer
(The stone of our help)
This wonderful program Jehovah our Ebenezer is simply made to bring back lost Christians who through richest and fames abandon God almighty to embrace the gods of Baalim and Astharom, a phoenical idol, satan the deceiver brought to the world.
more details
20 Sundays within June - September
Actual dates/time to be announced
21 Days Prayer & Fasting Our 21 days prayer and fasting program is designed to destroy strongholds powers stopping the people of God from moving forward.
more details
October 1st - 21st
Royal Day A day of celebration with the King Last Sunday of November
Cool Evening with the Master Lord God almighty has commission this gracious event to deliver man in a terrible situation. This heavenly bound program strikes the heart of God when He sees man stranded in land without help.
Abandon men and women are invited to this wonderful program.
more details
Every sunday evening of November
Business Men and Women vigil The business men and women vigil is a thunderous program commission by God almighty through his Prophet to librate businesses of Christians destroyed by occult men and women in their market places.
more details
Every three months
Date to be announced
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