About Pastor Mary Unoamaka Ohez

Pastor Mary Ohez , from Delta State, is a world-renowned author, teacher, spiritual leader, and motivational speaker. She is married to Prophet Ohez Azuka. They are co-founder of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, (KPICPC) based in 65 Oluwatedo Road, off Isashi Road By Ilewe Bus Stop, Isashi, Badgary Express Way, Lagos Nigeria.

More about pastor Mary Unoamaka Ohez

Mary Ohez, the amiable and devoted wife of Prophet Ohez Azuka, is a virtuous woman, full of strength and trust in God. She is a role model to many and a beacon of light blessed with the qualities stated in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2:3; a humble mother of five, namely: Martins, Favour, Deborah, Precious and Esther. Her burning desire to serve God and love for her fellow women in the society led her to establish a ministry which he founded in Feburary 12, 2019 called: Rebuilding The Sacredness of Marriage as an Institution. As an arm of the main Church, it is aimed at bringing godliness, chastity, love, faithfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, wisdom, prudence, and prayer which were God’s original pattern of marriage and fellowship in Genesis 1:26. The ministry is also committed to destroying the works of satan in different families as well as promote pursuit of inner beauty as against what happens today where the society pays more attention to outward qualities such as physical beauty -pretty sexy hot, various beauty treatment, hair styling, skin care, manicure, pedicures, electrology treatment, cosmetology and fashion. There is also a large number in day care rather than homes. Pastor Mary Ohez’s ministry for the women, seeks to curb the menace of unfaithfulness in marriages, movies that give vicarious sexual thrills-pornography in the workplace and lack of physical intimacy among husband and wife.

  • Mission

    As a renowned business magnate, a mother, teacher and mentor to other women and an expert in humanitarian services, Mary has a of rebuilding the sacredness of marriage institution and heart restoring family relationships. As an arm of the church, the ministry is aimed at bringing godliness, chastity, love, faithfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, wisdom, prudence and prayer which represent God’s original pattern for marriage and fellowship Genesis 1:26. Notwithstanding her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry in raising God-fearing women and restoring Christ-like love in the family. Pastor Mary’s mission is to change, transform, teach, inspire, uplift, and empower women through seminars, workshops, books, symposia and other outreach programmes.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to transform Christian homes by stating in clear terms the roles of the husbands, wives and children in the family. As a minister of God, she strongly believes that women have a unique role to play in the body of Christ. With the wealth of experience acquired as a leader back in her days in Deeper Life Bible Church, coupled with her roles as a mother, teacher and mentor to women, her ministry is focused at rebuilding women to become virtuous mothers possessing the needed qualities.

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