Welcome team

A group of born again Christians with pleasing characters appointed to welcome and receive new comers as they come to worship the Lord in the truthful way. They also Offer seating positions and welcome packs containing detailed information about the church.


Evangelism Team is based on preaching the word of God, winning souls and teaching the ways of the Lord that builds up faith in a dynamic way.


• To preach Christ as commanded by the holy scripture around the world Luke 4:18
• To Show love to all Proverbs 11:30
• To Use the undying word of God to save unbelievers John 3:16



As choir members, we offer to earnest the talent of every member in our church both for kingdom purpose and future reasons. It is the vision of the general overseer of Kingdom power International to train and develop stewardship
It is a platform for those talents to become experts in the music field. The duties of choir members are to lead the entire congregation in Praise, worship and in Hymn with a heart of joy in the presence of the Almighty God during service.

Objectives of the Choir

• To lead the congregation during bible study, Sunday and other special service
• To lead the congregation during special events such as weddings, child dedications and any other special occasions

Requirement for becoming a Choir

• You must be born again.
• Then you should demonstrate the ability to sing or play any of the approved musical instruments.
• Also, joining the choir require a lot of dedication and commitment and personal sacrifice.
If you are interested in Joining the Choir, Please contact the Choir leader on +2348026543716 Or simply complete the form by clicking on Join Us

Prayer Warriors

This is made up of born again believers that are determined to pray for the growth and success of the church.
They engage in spiritual battles against the enemies in the house of God.


•To stand in gap for the achievements of God in KPICPC
•To pray against the powers of darkness fighting against the progress of the church at large.


•To make daily prayers for the progress, purpose and mission of the church.
•To stand in gap for the ministers of God and members of the church at large.
•To pray for the success of church’s activities and events.

Kingdom Bible Class Teachers

This a group of born again brethren committed and responsible for the management of all audio, musical and visual materials (equipment) in the church. It is their duty to record both voice and video of services and most importantly the sermon.

You can request for all CDs and DVDs from them at a token.

This is the official website of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center(KPICPC), Lagos, where Jehovah in our midst is strong and mighty and He takes all the glory.